How Russian Women Show Affection While Dating

Russian Women Show Affection

With the advent of the internet, more Western men have set their sights on romantic opportunities in dating Russian women abroad.

Despite a vast openness to international dating, many Russian women leave men stumped when it comes to expressing their affection to a man, especially when still early in courtship.

3 experienced Eastern European matchmakers explain how they show affection to men when dating as Slavic women. Much of how women in Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet countries show affection when dating has ties to their previous government that had strong restrictions over couples engaging in public displays of affection (PDAs)

Despite being a very open modern society, many of these Soviet customs are still upheld by Russian and Ukrainian women, even while dating men from foreign countries.

Watch as Lana, Dina and Anna discuss their views on the Eastern European dating culture with A Foreign Affair CEO John Adams.

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