Risks Of Using One Translator While Dating In Ukraine

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Dating in Ukraine, foreign men who do not understand the local Ukrainian language or Russian, will ultimately need to employ the services of a translator.

Ukrainian translators have assisted foreign men in dating and eventually marrying Ukrainian women for several years now, and many of these ladies have expert insight into the process.

International matchmaker John Adams has witnessed every situation imaginable that men face while they're actively dating in Ukraine.

Based on John's 20+ years holding the pulse of international matchmaking, he NEVER recommends a man use just one Ukrainian translator.

This goes for any foreign country where a man has no grasp of the local language.

John has found in his experience, using one translator while dating foreign women can be a horrible risk that men do not need to take.

Depending on one translator's interpretation of the woman's feelings towards the men does not leave much room for a second opinion.

Because the risk of relying on only the translator to gauge the interest, emotions, and attention of the foreign woman, many men have ultimately brought home a woman who they learned to be no match at all.

John also advises men to use multiple translators while dating abroad. Dating in Ukraine can become expensive depending on who, when, and where you use translation.

But these investments are ultimately what makes some men successful and happily married and others regretful that they ignored this expert, honest advice.